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Jan's Working with Presentations

   Advanced: Quiz

For each question, click on Radio Button the radio button for your answer. You will be notified immediately whether your choice is correct or not. Double clicking may work better in some browsers.

Choose the BEST answer. 

1.    When PowerPoint opens an outline from a program like Word, it will create  _____. 

  a. a slide for each outline level in the document

  b. a slide for each Level 1 paragraph in the outline

  c. a slide for each paragraph that is styled with Heading 1 or 2  styles

  d. one slide with all outline points on it.

2. The size and position of an inserted image depend on _____.

  a. the AutoPosition settings

  b. the resolution

  c. whether AutoCorrect As You Type is on or off

  d. whether the text placeholder is empty or not

3. To add a chart to a slide _____.

  a. create a table of data on a slide, select the data, and click on the Chart button to automatically create a chart on a different slide

  b. click on the Insert Chart button on the Insert ribbon tab to get a dialog to choose a chart type for a chart with default data

  c. select the Title and Chart slide layout and the default chart appears immediately

4.  Which of the following animations cannot be done in PowerPoint?

  a. bullet list, revealed one bullet point at a time

  b. clip art - Fly in from the bottom

  c. table, revealed row by row

  d. chart, revealed by series

5. When you use Package for CD, the difference between PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 is  _____.

  a. PowerPoint Viewer is included by PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 but not by PowerPoint 2007

  b. PowerPoint Viewer is included by PowerPoint 2007 but not by the later versions

  c. all of the fonts are included by PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 but not by PowerPoint 2007

  d. only one presentation can be included by PowerPoint 2007

6.  If you use external data and want the slide to update when the original data changes, you must _____.

  a. embed the data

  b. link the data

  c. insert the data as an object

  d. break the link

7.   When you rehearse timings, you are _____.

  a. just viewing the slide show with automatic times for effects. You cannot make changes.

  b. can adjust animation timings but not slide transition timings

  c. able to set the time interval for each transition and animation

  d. not able to tell how long the whole show will last

Three object lined up over each other vertically8.  To line up several objects like text boxes, images, and charts on a slide so that they are centered over each other you would select the objects and then use _____

  a. the Center button on the Home ribbon tab

  b. the Align Middle button

  c. the Align Center button

  d. the Align Stack button on the Picture Tools: Format ribbon tab

9.   To be sure that your presentation will look the same on a different computer, you could bring _____ .

  a. your fonts

  b. a Package for CD copy of the presentation that includes the fonts

  c. a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer to install

10. You can demote an item in the outline by _____.

  a. clicking button the Increase List Level button

  b. pressing the TAB key

  c. both of the above

  d. none of the above