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Jan's Working with Presentations

   Advanced: Summary

Working with outlines helps you organize your thoughts. With planning, you can use an outline in a plain text or word processing document to create a presentation. Spaces, tabs, or heading styles mark the various outline levels.

Images, tables, and charts can add interest and information. These objects can be animated along with the text. Charts can be revealed by series or by category. You must be careful to keep it simple enough for your viewers to be able to read.

You have many choices of how to play your presentation and therefore how to save it. Package for CD allows you to take extra files and fonts along and, in PowerPoint 2007, even a viewer for computers without PowerPoint.

What You Created: PowerPoint Advanced

Presentation Description # of Pages Lesson
nz-Firstname-Lastname.txt Icon: Print Text outline from Notepad 1 page Text Outline
nz-Firstname-Lastname-text.pptx Presentation from nz.txt   Text Outline
nz-Firstname-Lastname-tabbed.txt Icon: Print Tabbed text outline from Notepad 1 page Text Outline
nz-Firstname-Lastname-tabbed.pptx Presentation from nz-tabbed.txt Text Outline
NZinfo-edited-Firstname-Lastname.docx Icon: Print Word document with outline level headings applied 2 pages Word Outline
nz-word-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Presentation from Word outline   Word Outline
nz-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Formatted masters   Custom Template
nz-Firstname-Lastname.potx Design template from nz-Firstname-Lastname.pptx   Custom Template
nz-background-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Title Master with photo background   Master Background
nz-bar-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Bar image to Slide Master   Master Image
nz-pictures-Firstname-Lastnames.ppt Images added to slides   Slide Image
nz-animate-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Animations for images   Animate Images
nz-table-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Table - Temperatures   Table
nz-chart-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Chart - Rain Days   Chart
nz-import-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Import Excel chart -Languages   External Data
nz-animatedata-Firstname-Lastnamea.pptx Animate Rain Days chart   Animate Data
nz-finished-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Verified, edited
Icon: Print Handout - 6 per page
2 pages Verify
packaged presentation with fonts and PowerPoint Viewer   Save As

Skills covered - by lesson

Text Outline

  • Create a text outline
  • Create a presentation from a text outline
  • Demote text in outline
  • Remove a bullet
  • Create a tabbed text outline
  • Create a presentation from a tabbed text outline

Word Outline

  • Create an outline in Word
  • Create a presentation from a Word outline
  • Edit the text
  • Change slide layout
  • Delete blank slides
  • Remove bullets

Custom Template

  • Format text on Slide Master 
  • Format bullets on Slide Master
  • Remove text formatting not on the Slide Master
  • Format background on Slide Master
  • Apply a transition to Slide Master
  • Apply animation to Slide Master
  • Change bullet levels (2 methods)
  • Change animation option settings
  • Save as a custom template

Background Image

  • Add a background image to master Title layout
  • Format placeholder text

Master Image

  • Add an image to a master
  • Position the image by dragging
  • Position the image with Format Picture dialog
  • Resize placeholders

Slide Image

  • Add an image to a slide
  • Position and resize image on the slide
  • Manage overlapping objects

Animate Images

  • Apply custom animation to an image
  • Apply a sequence of animations:
    Entrance, Emphasis, Exit


  • Add a new slide
  • Add a table to a slide
  • Add a column
  • Resize a column by dragging
  • Size columns equally
  • Add a row 
  • Merge cells - Merge button, context menu, Eraser

Table Design

  • Apply a table style
  • Add a column 
  • Insert a symbol (for degree)
  • Resize columns and rows equally
  • Align cell contents 
  • Insert and format text 
  • Format table borders


  • Add a chart
  • Enter data in datasheet
  • Copy and paste data to datasheet 

Chart Design

  • Chart type
  • Change chart layout
  • Add and remove chart parts
  • Choose options for chart parts 
  • Change chart style and colors
  • Select chart part 
  • Add a shape 
  • Format chart parts separately
  • Format text on the chart
  • Resize and reposition the chart on the slide

External Data

  • Add external data from a spreadsheet as an object
  • Select a sheet to display
  • Resize and move the object
  • Format spreadsheet object while still in PowerPoint

Animate Data

  • Apply animation to an object
  • Create new master from old
  • Rename a master
  • Reveal chart by series
  • Reveal chart by category


  • Verify that presentation is complete and correct
  • Configure with Set Up Show
  • Configure to advance automatically
  • Use Rehearse timings

Save As

  • Save as older PowerPoint file type
  • Use Package for CD 
  • View your new versions - from CD or folder

Skills in Exercises

PPT 3-1: Outline

  • Create a presentation from an existing outline.
  • Apply a slide layout.
    Apply a transition and animations to Slide Master.
  • Use the Pre-Print Checklist.
  • Use Spell Check.
  • Print an outline with header.
  • Apply a design Theme.
  • Edit Slide Master.
  • Use the Selection Pane.
  • Ungroup a group of images and delete an image.
  • Save As a template.
  • Insert images from file and from clip art.
  • Create a table.
  • Change background fill for table cells.
  • Manage animation of images.

PPT 3-2: Table and Chart

  • Create a presentation manually
  • Format and animate
  • Add tables
  • Add tables to Notes page
  • Add a chart to a slide
  • Apply animation to a chart
  • Save as template.

Important Terms

align objects


bitmap image



clip art


column label



custom animation

custom template

data range

Decrease List Level


embed fonts

embed object

file extension

file format

file type



Increase List Level

import data

import filter


linked file

merge cells

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

Open object


outline levels

Package for CD




Rehearse timings

Rich Text Format


row label


text document




vector image