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Jan's Working with Presentations

   Format: Summary

The formatting of your slides must be carefully chosen to make your slides easy to read. The combination of colors and shapes and sizes for your text and other objects can help your audience follow along or can interfere.

PowerPoint includes templates and themes to help you format presentations. A template includes sample slides and suggestions for the kind of information to include. A theme changes the Slide Master and its layouts to control the background, placeholders, and formatting for placeholders and text.

You can use a Slide Master to set the placeholders, fonts, transitions, and animations on your slides. You can use multiple slide masters in the same presentation in recent versions of PowerPoint.

Transitions control how one slide replaces another during the presentation. Animations control the entrance, emphasis, exit, and motion path of slide parts. You can adjust many features of most animations, including features like speed, direction, size, and color.


What You Created: PowerPoint Format

Presentation Description Lesson
AnniversaryTripsOffer-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Created from a downloaded template Template
AnniversaryTripsOffer2-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Formatted with a theme Theme
AnniversaryTripsOffer3-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Added formatting Save As Template
Anniversary-xxx.potx Saved as a custom template Save As Template
 issues5-theme-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Applied existing presentation as a theme & applied a different theme to one slide Save As Template
AnniversaryTripsOffer4-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Added slide transitions Transitions
AnniversaryTripsOffer4-auto-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Run automatically with timings Transitions
AnniversaryTripsOffer5-Firstname-Lastname.pptx Added animations Animations

Important Terms



color theme

custom template






Lock aspect ratio

Motion path

Play button

slide show