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 The Status Bar does not have too much on it.

Message area:  Shows the URL of a hyperlink, path of an image, or browser messages (in Preview). [See Browser Basics: IE Statusbar for more on the various browser messages you might see.]

Status Icon: The arrow spins and changes to a globe and back when FrontPage is busy, perhaps publishing the web or recalculating the links.

Toolbar: Statusbar - popup of connection speeds for calculating Download TimeDownload time:  When you are creating or editing a page on your hard disk, FrontPage estimates how long it will take for a browser to download the current page at the selected speed. You can change the speed by right clicking on the time and then clicking on the speed you want.

When you download a page from a web site to edit it, the time is the actual time it took to download the page and its images.

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